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TV Stations

Lights… Camera… action… our unique visual broadcasting platforms

KISS TV is Kenya’s most identifiable youth entertainment station with its core demographic being the urban 18 – 24 youth. KISS TV is the most clearly targeted station in the market with absolutely no ambiguity as to its core target viewers.

The station offers international quality programming and locally relevant content through Live DJ shows, Live Video requests through mobile and digital, chart shows and Entertainment News which is fresh and up to date. The station utilizes social media heavily to interact with the viewers which gives it an edge with the youth over traditional mainstream TV stations.



JusticeCentral.TV features the sassiest and savviest judges in all of court television. And don’t just take our word for it: from the awards to ratings, the people are ruling in our favor.

Americans love court shows. When it comes to daytime TV, court shows deliver almost as many gross ratings points as all other talk shows combined, despite having far fewer time slots. And the number of prime time and late night/early morning viewers is also increasing. In terms of demographics, court show fans are multicultural and majority homeowners.

ES.TV is where the stars shine brightest. Feeding the insatiable appetite for movie stars and entertainment news, this channel delivers behind-the-scenes access to blockbuster premieres, red-carpet events, A-list actors and more. With shows that give you a dose of celebrity interviews and Hollywood news, plus a comedy jam and hit music performances.

Cars TV is the home of the Emmy Winner for Outstanding Lifestyle Program, Cars.TV delivers a full-speed, front-seat view of the latest designs and innovations, racing and restorations. You also get an insider’s look at private collections form renown celebrities, exclusive auctions across the world, and car show premieres around the world.

This audience over-indexes in income, education, home-ownership, and employment. Most significantly, these car enthusiasts significantly over-index in plans to buy a new vehicle. Cars.TV provides the perfect match of content, enthusiasts, and sponsors.

Comedy TV is a station that is dedicated to laughter 2/7. Comedy TV programming has never been funnier. A network that was founded by a former comedian and features today’s top comics on talk shows, in sitcoms, and on stage before live audiences. The network to date has had over 500 top comics who have appeared on the shows, from headliners to ground breaking up-and-comers.

Everyone loves to laugh, regardless of gender or ethnicity or income. In particular, comedy attracts younger adults (ages 18-49)